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Kristanna Loken is Painkiller Jane - Hard to resist and harder to kill

TV-series Painkiller Jane is based on the comic book character Painkiller Jane created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada.

Kristanna Loken stars as Jane Vasco. She begins as a DEA agent, but forced to join a team working for a secret government agency after getting too close to their operations. The team's task is to find and neutralize "neuros" (neurological aberrants) - mutants with superhuman powers, whose mutation may impair their ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Jane Vasco gets pushed from a fourty story window and it is discovered that she has superhuman powers herself - the ability to recover from any kind of injury, no matter how severe. But Jane still feels all the pain of her injuries before they heal.

Kristanna Loken likes about the character of Painkiller Jane that she's a dark, edgy, confused character - but of course she also likes the physicality, the action and the weapons!

22 Episodes of Painkiller Jane are planned, and filming is proceeding in Vancouver and Budapest. Kristanna Loken is not only starring but she's also coproducer of the TV-series, and she's doing as many of the stunts as she can herself.

And how much skin will Kristanna Loken show in Painkiller Jane?

As much as SCI FI CHANNEL will allow - Kristanna Loken is no prude, and she already showed some skin in The L Word, Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines and Bloodrayne .

Kristanna thinks that "the boys and girls will be pleased" by the amount of skin she will show.

kristanna loken