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This Fall the UK will be invaded by a whole galaxy of weird and wonderful collectables at Collectormania 4, the largest Sci-fi, Comic, Card and Film Collectors Event in England and the only FREE event in the country.

And to help make this a really spectacular event there will be over 30 very special guest appearances by famous film and tv stars from America and the UK, most making their very first fan appearance EVER. The very special guests appearing at the show have starred in a wide range of movies and tv shows, from the cult 80’s movie Goonies and several James Bond movies, to recent blockbusters such as the Terminator 3, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix. This impressive line-up of stars includes

Billy Dee Williams (Lando from the Star Wars trilogy), the multi-talented Andy Serkis from the Lord the the Rings trilogy, Star Trek regulars George Takei, Rene Auberjonois and Roxann Dawson, 2 sets of identical twins (Neil and Adrian Rayment from The Matrix trilogy and James and Oliver Phelps from the Harry Potter movies), Anthony Head (Rupet Giles), Kristanna Loken (The Terminatrix), Robert Davi (Sanchez), and many, many more. In fact there will be over 30 stars confirmed for the three days, and who knows who else may be putting in an appearance!

As well as getting the chance to meet their favourite actors in person, fans will also be able to add to their collection of autographs and have their photos taken with the stars. In an effort to make the show as easy and enjoyable as possible for the public, Showmasters have developed a new virtual queuing system. Fans no longer have to waste their time standing in line for hours on end to meet just one guest, only to find out that there isn’t enough time to see anyone else. With this new system you are free to wander around the show and meet other stars while a space is reserved for you in the longer queues.

Collectormania is evolving into something really special with each new show, and now the organisers have teamed up with Cineworld’s flagship muiltiplex cinema to develop a film festival to run in conjunction with the Collectormania events. They have arranged some very special movie screenings to complement the themes of the event, and these will include introductory talks by the leading actors. This will be a unique opportunity for fans to discover the secrets of how their favourite films shows were made and hear some of the great behind the scenes tales! There will be a full list of screenings and talks listed on the Showmasters website shortly.

Collectormania 4 promises to be one of the most impressive collectors events of the year, with over 300 tables of sci-fi, movie, comic and card related memorabilia. There will be a large number of specialist dealers from around the country and across Europe, with all sorts of collectables for sale ranging from the latest toy crazes imported from around the world, to vintage collectables from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s! There will be memorabilia from Aliens to Xena, Buffy to WWF, and plenty in between including such things as Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Transformers, Thunderbirds, Dr Who, James Bond, Simpsons and so much more. There will also be people selling autographs of your favourite movie stars, comics, cards, film posters, soundtracks, toys and figures, model kits, promotional items, and even replica movie swords and other paraphernalia from blockbuster films and cult tv series. We have also arranged for special promotional items to be produced which will only be available exclusively at Collectormania 4.

And as if all this wasn’t enough to keep you entertained over the weekend, another attraction at the event will be a display of ORIGINAL props and costumes actually used to make some of the greatest movies and tv shows ever.

Collectormania 4 will be taking over Middleton Hall, at thecentre:mk shopping centre in the heart of Milton Keynes on 3rd to the 5th October 2003. This promises to be a weekend not to be missed for movie buffs and the general public alike, and a great chance for fans to add to their collections or just browse through some great memorabilia. What’s more, admission is FREE! C4 really will be explosive!

For an updated list of guests and special attractions at Collectormania 4, plus more detailed information of the event and how to get there check out or ring the infoline for all the latest details on 01908 671138.

July 2003 - MAXIM Magazine launches MAXIM MOVIES, and Kristanna is the covergirl for issue 1 - photos

May 08, 2003 - Kristanna Loken is "Model Of The Week" in! The premier online men's magazine
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The T3-trailer - finally you can see Kristanna Loken in Action!
And watch out for Arnie's comment at the end of the trailer - SHE'LL BE BACK


Kristanna Loken - Official Homepage

Kristanna Loken will be the Terminatrix who goes up against Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines",
Variety reports.

In Terminator 3 she'll portray a cyborg that's even more sophisticated than Robert Patrick's liquid-metal T-1000 in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Her character is "energy-based" and she can take control of machines, including Schwarzenegger's T-800 cyborg model – that should make things interesting!

Kristanna Loken as the TX with Arnold Schwarzenegger

"T3" picks up the story a decade after the sequel, when a twentysomething John Connor reteams with his cyborg protector to battle the TX. Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in "Judgment Day," will not reprise his role.

In recent interviews Schwarzenegger has admitted to lobbying for WWWF's Chyna with the film's producers, but it seems the opposing point of view won out. According to Arnold, the filmmakers had been debating whether to go with someone tough looking or as Arnold put it, "Do we go with a woman that is petite, young and looks innocent – like a very ordinary beautiful girl? Then (we could) create a certain drama when she walks innocently up to a woman in a car on Beverly Blvd. or Rodeo Dr. and crack (makes neck-snapping motion), kills her!" Kristanna definitely fits that bill.

Warner Bros. will distribute the film domestically in summer 2003, with Sony picking up most foreign territories. The film is reportedly budgeted at between $165 million and $180 million, with Schwarzenegger's fee accounting for $30 million.