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Michael Lord - SWAY
featuring Kristanna Loken

Melodic mojo. Ethereal bliss. Sway is a sophisticated, sonically adventurous modern rock debut that's at once gorgeous, deep and fragile.

Driven by melody, embellished with sumptuous arrangements, and anchored by emotionally acute lyrics, Sway is the moving solo CD debut by MICHAEL LORD, a remarkable new singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who draws quiet strength and inspiration from volatile relationships, intimate moments, and invisible scars.

Throughout his self-produced CD, Lord paints his delicate, heartfelt songs with lushly textured layers of sound. With soaring melodies always at the core, he creates engulfing soundscapes by recording instrument after instrument, and by dubbing his own three- and four-part harmonies. Most all of what you hear is him: guitars, piano, loops, percussion, and Lord's seductive vocals that rival anything you've heard.

"I'm endlessly inspired by what can be done with the piano," says Lord, a classically- trained pianist and drummer from the age of five until his teenage retro discovery of the British Invasion. The California native has since jammed in garage bands and major label groups, but it wasn't until he worked with producers like T-Bone Burnett and Eric Valentine (Queens Of The Stone Age) that he began exploring new writing and performing techniques uncovering his own melodic voice and gift for powerful arrangements. His work has since been widely featured in TV and film, including "Las Vegas," "Boston Public," and "Ally McBeal," but has not before been released on CD.

SWAY features guest appearances from guitarist Yogi of The Wallflowers, master drummer Matt Laug (Alanis Morissette, Lifehouse, The New Radicals), and The Section Quartet, the premier rock 'n' roll string ensemble (Fiona Apple, Wilco, Christina Aguilera, Jon Brion, David Bowie, A Perfect Circle).

The CD's bonus video for "Come To Me" was directed by Kathleen Kinmont, shot by Zalman King (9 1/2 Weeks, Red Shoe Diaries), and features Terminator 3's Kristanna Loken.

No wonder MICHAEL LORD's intense yet tender poignancy has begun to find an audience.

Come along for the ride. Just breathe it in and sway.

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