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kristanna loken utopia

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Kristanna Loken Biography - Believe in, and follow your dreams


Born: October 8, 1979
Height: 5ft 11in
Bust: 34B
Waist: 22 in
Hips: 30 in
Weight: 115 lbs
Agency: Elite,
got the third place at the Look of the Year contest, Ibiza, Spain, 1994


* Strength
* Ambition
* Passion
* Sex in very interesting places

Kristanna Loken was a model already at age 15, and beside of modelling, the 180cm-tall "model with the scyscraper-legs" is an actress.

It was Kristanna's mother who suggested to her to start modelling (her mother Rande was a model herself and quit when she was pregnant with Kristanna). At first, Kristanna was not so eager, but when she started she just liked it very much.

Tanya, Kristannas older sister, also worked a bit as an actress and a model, but quitted and started to write, like her father Chris, who owns the 'Love Apple Farm' and writes several hours a day. He already has published a couple of books and is also writing movie-scripts.

Kristanna likes sports - hiking, swimming, skiing, baseball, and especially riding. She also does some photographing, likes to read, and took dance lessons.

Kristanna is married to actor Noah Danby since May 10th, 2008.

Kristanna Loken's motto is: "Believe in, and follow your dreams"